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Worse case scenario: its 90 degrees plus and your AC stops working! When this happens you need a trusted AC repair company like Houston AC Service to handle your repair needs in Greater Houston, Humble, Atascotia, and Kingwood TX. We are a family-owned and locally-managed business catering to a wide clientele in this region. For emergency repairs, regular service checks, new installations/upgrades or refrigeration repair needs, call our experts now.

Most Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems

Low Refrigerant

Your air conditioning unit should never run low on Freon. It reduces its efficiency and indicates some type of leakage in the unit. Our experts can easily find the leak and repair it quickly without incurring a heavy expense.

Fan On Outside Unit Not Functioning

If the fan on your outside unit is not working properly, it can cause overheating and may severely damage the compressor of your air conditioner. The compressor may even burn out if it runs without the fan for a prolonged time period. If this happens, it would require an expensive replacement of the compressor.

Outside Unit Not Working

Sometimes, the outdoor unit stops running due to an improper power supply to the AC unit or a blown breaker. This can be a serious issue, but our factory-trained technicians are adept in identifying the problem and fixing it. They can make repairs quickly, getting your AC unit back up and running properly.

No Air Circulation Inside

If the inside unit is making an unusual buzzing or humming noise and you don’t feel air coming out of the vents, this may be due to the blower motor not working properly. It could be something as simple as a bad capacitor that needs to be replaced or in more serious cases, bad bearings on the motor. Our experts will be able to diagnose and make the necessary repairs.

Frozen Coil

The coils of your air conditioning unit may freeze up and get blocked by ice. This is usually due to low refrigerant caused by leakage or a blockage in the duct. With regular changing of air filters, this problem can often be prevented. However if your coils freeze up, give us a call to assess the problem. We can check the Freon levels and clean your coils.

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To avoid any potential damage or ensure the regular service of your AC and HVAC system in Houston, call the specialists from Houston AC Service. Our experts can efficiently handle and resolve any issues in your residential or light commercial cooling/ heating systems.

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At Houston AC Service, we ensure a stringent hiring process including rigorous background checks of every technician. Our staff is highly proficient, certified, and factory-trained. They possess the skill and experience to service all the types of heating and cooling systems. Often at a 20-30% lower cost than the existing market rates. Call us now for all your AC repair needs in Atascocita, Huble, and Houston.

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