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Our Happy Customers



Perfect Installation. Reasonable Pricing:

We had our AC unit replaced this summer by Houston AC Service. I would like to sum up the entire experience by saying that you guys are the best in the trade. You know your work and you are reasonable in price. The installation was completed faster than I imagined and the unit is functioning perfectly. Thank you for your efforts. Will certainly call you for all my future service needs!



They Work On Weekends Too:

We called Houston AC Service on a Saturday hoping that they would be able to come out at least by Monday morning. However, they reached us within a few minutes and our problem was fixed in a couple of hours. What else can you ask for from a service provider? It was such a relief for people like me having a rigorous schedule and little time to wait.



Awesome Service and Always On Time:

I have been using their services for many years and am a satisfied customer with no complaints. They are trustworthy to be sure. My AC unit had a compressor problem and other technicians suggested its replacement. I don’t need to say how much that would cost. But, the technician from Houston AC Service diagnosed the problem within a few minutes and fixed it instantly. Can’t tell you how relieved I felt at that moment. It’s been three years since then. I can’t think of any other company in the city to work with now.



Fast and Affordable Service:

They did a great job. My HVAC problem was solved quickly at an affordable rate. It took them hardly 30 minutes to reach our place. The technicians were clean, well-mannered, and they knew their job exactly. The cost of service and repair was much less than what we had estimated. I will recommend their service to everyone.


Bunker Hill TX

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff. Reliable Services:

This past spring, our AC unit crashed suddenly and we didn’t know what to do. We called Houston AC Service but were a little apprehensive because this was the first time we called them. To our delight, they were extremely professional. The technicians were friendly and courteous. They arrived fully equipped to fix our problem quickly. I thank them for their prompt and efficient service. AC repair has never been so easy!


Kingwood Texas

Timely Service and a Very Efficient Team!

When we called Houston AC Service, we were surprised to see their technicians being on time at our place and fully equipped to fix our AC unit. They are expert in their job and quickly diagnosed the problem with my air conditioner. What truly impressed me was their level of professionalism. They were ready to answer any question and solved every problem as quickly as possible. I certainly recommend their services to all my relatives and friends.