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If your refrigeration system does not appear to be cooling properly, call us for our specialized repair services offered at highly competitive prices.

Most Common Refrigeration Repair Problems

Refrigeration is not working

Check to make sure it did not get turned off by mistake during cleaning. Check to make sure it is on and plugged in. If problem persists, call our experts. They will locate the exact problem and fix it immediately.

Refrigeration System Not Making Ice

If the unit is not making ice, check the water inlet valves, water fill tubes, and dispenser chute. A clogged filter may also cause this problem. If you don’t see an issue with these call the experts from Houston AC Service to resolve to inspect and resolve the problem.

The Refrigeration Unit Is Too Warm

If you refrigeration unit is running but not cooling or freezing properly, check the thermostat. If the thermostat is set properly, this can often indicated some serious issue. Call our technicians for accurate solutions.

Leakage in Refrigeration Unit

Any leakage in the refrigerator is a severe problem that may cause damage to the entire unit if not handled on time. We can help in this regard with our proficient technicians offering comprehensive solutions.

The System Making Too Much Noise

This may be due to problems with the condenser fan motor or evaporator fan motor, both of which can cause the unit to make excessive noise. To resolve this problem, call us immediately to fix this problem as motor issues if unresolved can be costly.

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We understand that you need your refrigeration unit to function at its peak all the time. When you notice an issue with the effectiveness of your unit or for routine maintenance to insure its working properly all the time, give us a call. We can fix any model, make, or brand of commercial refrigeration systems.

Factory-Trained and Certified Refrigeration TechniciansWe can leverage our experience and expertise to offer competitive pricing in refrigeration repair services. Our technicians are factory-trained, experienced, and certified to handle every job with agility. They are also background checked to ensure your peace of mind. Get in touch with us for refrigeration repair in Humble and Houston, Texas.

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