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With routine inspection, tune-ups, changing of air filters, and maintenance services, your air conditioning unit will run more efficiently and be more cost effective on your energy bills.

Most Common Air Conditioning Service Problems

Low Refrigerant

If your air conditioning unit is freezing up, this can indicate that the system is low on Freon or has a leak. This issue can cause severe damage to your unit, so it’s important to give us a call right away so we can inspect the system and fix the leak.

Overburden on AC Due to Broken Outside Fan

Often dry leaves, grass or other debris like dirt and dust may block the coils of the outside AC unit. This blockage may overburden the unit and can lead to potential damage. For this reason, it’s important to have your AC unit inspected and the coils cleaned at least once per year.

Wiring Issues

Circuits, relays, and capacitors can often burn out causing your system not to function properly or not at all. If you notice an odd smell or noise coming from your AC unit, or if the air isn’t circulating through your ducts properly, shut the system off and call us immediately.

Thermostat Problems

If the thermostat sensor is not set properly or becomes faulty, it can lead to major problems. Our service techs will check the condition of thermostat to ensure its longevity.

Energy Efficiency

In order to increase the energy-efficiency of your AC unit, you must get it serviced twice a year by an expert technician. We recommend in the spring before you turn on your AC and again in the fall prior to use of the furnace. This will ensure that the air handling system functions properly when ready for use and will help save on your energy bills.

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If your air conditioning system needs routine maintenance, emergency services or you have seen a spike in your energy bills for no apparent reason, call our expert technicians from Houston AC Service. Our professional team of well-trained technicians in Kingwood & Atascocita can inspect and address any issues you may have with your system.

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We follow a systematic recruitment process to ensure hiring the best personnel for available. All our technicians are factory-trained, background-tested, and certified. Since you lay your trust on us, we never subcontract the projects that we undertake. In fact, we are committed to offering the best services at the most competitive prices.

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